Who We Are

The Rijeemy Center is a renowned nutrition center that empowers its clients to be in control of their health, image, and happiness. Our commitment is to the highest standards of promoting health, preventing illness and disease, and building a society that makes the right choices. Rijeemy is dedicated to offering sustainable lifestyle changes rather than temporary dieting plans by tailoring unique strategies for every person including changes of habits and exercise.

How We Do It

The Rijeemy team is comprised of highly qualified and specialized consultants with international training and certification. Our youthful and friendly staff works closely with every client to build a full profile by getting to know their medical history, habits, needs and goals. By utilizing the latest technologies in nutritional testing, Rijeemy ensures that the information obtained about every client is based on solid fact. Once a profile is formed, Rijeemy customizes a unique dietary plan that is right for you. Our professionals put forth innovative but proven methods to not only change your eating habits, but your entire lifestyle as well. Most importantly, Rijeemy gives you the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. We are with you every step of the way, providing you with full support to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

What We Offer

Each custom plan we design brings along with it remarkable benefits to your overall happiness, body image, and confidence. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, body toning, cutting unhealthy habits, or managing a health condition, we at Rijeemy have been consistently successful in helping our clients reach their goals and feeling better about themselves.

At Rijeemy, we always keep you in mind by offering special deals on our services throughout the year. We welcome all ages, as well as clients with special circumstances such as athletes and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Our Services

Social Responsibility

The Rijeemy Center’s passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle extends beyond the clinic offices and into the domain of public life. Rijeemy consistently holds lectures, exhibitions and events to spread awareness and promote positive change in Kuwait. The annual Rijeemy Ramadan Walkathon at 360 Mall has gained popular attention, bringing together families, youth, celebrities and healthcare professionals for a daily dose of exercise.


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