FAT Buster KD 135

Three Stage diet and exercise program designed for fat loss Six Weeks’ duration

One Phone call.

Fat-loss exercise program (designed to burn fat)

Healthy grocery shopping list

Fix Diet Plan KD 25

Ensures you lose 3 to 6 kilos within 30 days

Containing all the nutrients needed for a HEALTHY PERSON who does not suffer from any chronic diseases and contains general alternatives to all weights.

This system is easy, fun and free of deprivation.

Exercise Package KD 65

Full integrated sports program for 30 days:




Athlete Dream KD 135

Tree Stage diet program designed for fat loss to achieve every Athlete dream

Six Weeks’ duration

One Phone call

Exercise program for body bulking and cutting

Supplements checklist

Healthy grocery shopping list.

The Clinical Solution KD 160

Three stage diet programs designed for individuals after reviewing his/her blood test, this program is intended for people diagnosed with a specific disease.

Six weeks’ duration

One Phone call

Good for cholesterol / High BP / Anemia / Digestive problems / PCOS / Kidney Malfunctioning ... Etc.

Supplement that matches the clinical case.

Healthy grocery shopping list

Full exercise program customized to the clinical needs.

Diamond Package KD 210

This program is designed to meet all your needs with an outstanding services and a special follow up during the 6 weeks.

A personal diet plans ... Clinical / Sports / Weight loss ... and the system is changed every week

Three stage program after reviewing the blood test and health profile status of the person.

Duration of the program is 6 weeks.

Supplements checklist

Healthy grocery shopping list

A Full exercise program

Two phone calls

Unlimited communication via WhatsApp


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